Saturday, October 27, 2018

Half Time

Half Time

I don't have a lot to say here as this just popped into my head.  Just wanted to share. Due to work and starting a Doctoral program, my time for leisure and blog has been limited.

The twins celebrated their 14th birthday on 10/21/18.  It's so hard to believe they're already in the throws of their teenage years.  I can't believe it's been this long, yet I can hardly remember a time without them nor can I imagine a life without them.  My youngest, my babies, aren't really babies anymore!

Since they were diagnosed with T1D at age 7, now 14, they've spent nearly half of their lives with T1D.  They are doing amazingly well, doing a ton of self-management.  At this point, we're just the bank to pay for it all and the supervisors.  Can't complain as the last two visits to the Endocrinologist have yielded record low Hgb A1C levels!  They've learned so much along the way and are meeting the challenge head-on, better than many adults!

We're thankful for all of the medical advances to promote healthy living and prolong the lives of those with Type One Diabetes.  It used to be a death sentence as little as 100 years ago!  (I guarantee if something happened to these boys, heck, or any of my kids, it would be the death of me!  Selfishly, I need them here for a long time because I plan to live to see 100!).

We're thankful for the technical advances that make life easier and keep the boys safe.  We're continuing to support JDRF and keeping our fingers crossed they will see a cure in their lifetimes and this disease will be prevented in future generations.

Half time. Half the time of their lives living with this craptastic disease.  Shortly, we'll have to say they have lived with T1D longer than not, and that's humbling.  One day, we'll be able to say they used to have T1D!

In the meantime, we celebrate their lives and health.  They are handsome, funny, and oh so smart!  They have so much to offer this world, and we refuse to let T1D stand in their way!

For my boys,

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