Monday, August 24, 2015

Tearful Moment

Well, I really haven't been on vacation!  Keeping the boys entertained for the summer, working, getting all "oriented" to continue to teach nursing students, taking on a new work role at my primary job, working, getting the boys ready for school, being a wife and mother AND a pancreas....all of that has curbed my blog time.  All the while, I still kept the boys moving and entertained with swimming, park trips, Six Flags, Burger's Lake, Dave & Buster's, etc. while also volunteering for JDRF!  Not much down time to say the least.

Regardless, August 2 we celebrated Asa's three-year Diaversary.  Right on his brother's heels, that sweet smart little angel celebrated three years of battling and persevering with Type One Diabetes.  It's become like an old habit now; like that free-loading kid who won't move out of Momma's basement.  Some days are good, some days just plain suck.

I actually had a much more relaxed and reduced stress (never will I see stress-free) summer as the boys, at age 10 1/2, pretty much took over their own breakfasts and lunches.  The little Math Whizzes did a darned good job of counting carbs, considering every little thing that has carbs, writing their glucoses down so their OCD mother/pancreas can analyze the numbers, and dosing insulin.  They did fantastic of recognizing when their glucoses were climbing and they need a little bonus dose of insulin to bring it back in range.  Basically, everything I wanted them to do by middle school has happened a year early.  What a lucky Mommy Pancreas I am!  It really freed me up to do other know, like sleep, after working 12 hour nights.

All of this random chatter has a point.  Today is the first day of school.  FINALLY, the Cruise Director can hang up her hat for the season.  She's tired.  As always, I take the obligatory "First Day of School" picture.  The boys don't care for all the photo sessions, but they tolerate it now.

After over three years of Diabetes, I *smh* or curse under my breath a lot, but I don't have many of those tearful moments.  Every now and then, one catches me by surprise.  Today when I took this photo, I had to choke back a moment.

First day of fifth grade

You see, they were diagnosed in First grade and the summer just before Second grade at the age of 7. I almost had one of those "moments" this morning when the boys cooperated and took this gorgeous photo. Without research and medical technology, such as those primarily supported by JDRF, these handsome dudes wouldn't have lived past 2nd grade. Today is the first day of Fifth Grade, and they're growing and thriving. I'm so fortunate, and I hope every day they will see a cure in their lifetimes so they don't have to spend every day carrying the burden of Type One Diabetes. Please help us help JDRF turn Type One into Type None. Join our team and Walk with us. Make a tax deductible donation (no gift too big or small).