Saturday, February 20, 2016

Four Years

Four-Year Diaversary

What a difference four years makes!

Aiden, age 7, upon admission to the hospital on Feb 20, 2012

Getting his special Build-A-Bear in the hospital
Four years stronger!  Age 11

I have had some bad days in my life, but I truthfully must say, Feb 20, 2012 was easily the worst day of my life. My suspicions were confirmed, and my baby's life and childhood were forever altered.  This stupid craptastic disease devastated his body, and we had to put the pieces back together. It was one thing that I couldn't fix.

Although a lot has changed in four years, nothing has.  We are all stronger, and we are all used to dealing with Diabetes.  However, there are still moments when I get choked up, times when I get mad, and days when I cry. No two days are the same, and just when you think the beast is tamed, he rears his head in another form, with another trick.

I sometimes feel like I'm living in a parallel universe.  There are times I don't remember a time without Diabetes; we just go with the very busy, very tedious flow.  Other times, I remember the innocence and care-free spirit like it was yesterday, and I weep.  Within and after a rough year, we took the bull by the horns.  We have learned as much as possible, and we continue to learn.  I wrote my book about our experience to share with other newly diagnosed families.  We participate with and volunteer for JDRF in multiple ways in order to support those who are working towards a cure. And, we live!  We make sure our boys have a good childhood, despite the presence of Diabetes, and we enjoy our time with them!

With all that being said, today we celebrate Aiden!  A cute stuffed puppy, a sappy card from Mommy, and a big fat cupcake to shove in Diabetes' face!  We celebrate the medical advances that have allowed us to keep our spunky, smart, silly baby with us.  We celebrate his fortitude in dealing with a very crappy disease that requires him to think like an adult WAY too often for his young 11 years.  We celebrate his strength in all he does.  We applaud how much he has learned in four years , and how well he understands and tries to manage his disease. He is an inspiration to many!

We love you, Aiden!