Sunday, September 28, 2014

Repost: Jace-isms, from October 2006


My boys are growing so fast, and so much has changed with them over the years.  I know when I open my eyes, they'll be gone.

I wasn't wise enough to write down the great stuff my daughter said, but by the time the little ones arrived, I came up with the idea to blog.  In this blog, my boys were 3 and 2.  Now, they're 11 and almost 10.  I'm sure they'd be equally amused and mortified that I'm posting this.  Yet, I find it a good exercise in nostalgia, humor, and appreciating them at their unique and special ages.


As I work to gather more stories to continue my "Gotta Love This Job" series, I've decided to start another series.

Children say the funniest things…sometimes at the most opportune or inopportune times….and their perspective on things is magical.  My three-year-old son, Jace, has been a good source of entertainment lately.  Three is a very trying age, but three-year-olds are fabulous at the same time.  Jace says more and more things, and his grammar errors are comical.

1.     Like any other child I've ever had, Jace says, "I want to hold you!" when he wants to be held.  It's funny to say, "Okay," then sit on his lap.
2.     Last week, someone in my house (who shall remain nameless) expelled some flatulence accidentally.  With a very puzzled look on his face, Jace looked up and asked, "You poop you-self?"
3.     Along those same lines, my husband, the flatulence expert, expelled some gas one day (as he does every day multiple times).  My son, Kyle, who was then about three or four-years-old, very puzzedly asks, "Poo-poo in there?"  He's never lived that one down.
4.     Jace and his twin baby brothers have a fascination with turning the faucet on and off while they are in the bath tub.  I let them play while I gather things up.  A couple of weeks ago, I heard the water running and lots of giggling.  I walked back in to see all three of them projecting their "family jewels" under the running cold water.  I ask, "What are you guys doing?"  As the spokesperson for the group, Jace exclaims, "We're ticklin' we're wieners!"  All I could do was laugh and walk away.
5.     Jace and his brothers were again in the tub and I was in the shower (with a glass door).  Daddy was in the bathroom to bathe them, but thought he'd try to play a joke and make me laugh.  So, he put my underwear on over his clothes (looking quite comical as he did it.)  Jace is learning boundaries and understanding possession, so he was flabbergasted.  He "told" on his Daddy by saying, "MOOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYY!  He's touchin' your underwear!"  Oh my goodness!  I bet someone listening from the outside who didn't see what was happening was a little scared of what was going on in there.
6.     Jace the Parrot:  When pulling out of a parking space at the Fire Mountain, a lady decided to go ahead and try to hit us then honk very loudly as if we were the idiots!  My docile husband rolled down the window and, stating the obvious, told her she was a "Stupid B*&ch".  A few days later as I drove Jace to his Christian preschool, we passed by Fire Mountain.  We were talking about sweet things like how much Papa and Mommy and Daddy and Grandma loved him when he suddenly exclaims, "Supa Bish!"  From that day forward, every time we passed Fire Mountain, he repeated that.  I told him and told him not to say that, but I think he thought that was the restaurant's name.  I finally got smarter than him and distracted him with the school buses across the street and he forgot.  Gotta watch what you say around that kid!
7.     Finally, all three boys were in the tub again.  Jerry was sitting on the commode with the door open watching them while I got ready for bed.  As a joke, he made a loud grunt to pretend he was straining while he worked on his task.  Jace jumped up!  He looked at his Daddy, and took a deep breath in.  Then, he shouted, "Daddy, it's coming out!?!?"  He was just cheering his Daddy on like we try to cheer him on during our potty-training quest.  Maybe one day he'll actually poop in the potty like Daddy!

With as smart and entertaining a child as Jace is, I'm sure it won't be long before I add more.  I hope you enjoyed.

                                       Jace 0906