Monday, February 11, 2013

Revisited: Jace-isms (4-8-07)

Jace-isms:  Volume 5


1.     As a mother to three little boys (and more), I've learned to use positive comments and positive reinforcement to manipulate the boys into good behavior.  If I compliment one, the others quickly conform to receive the same accolades.  On the same note, if I reprimand one child, Jace will quickly remind me that he is not engaging in the reprimanded behavior.  The other day, I was fussing at my oldest son whereby I told him "…I'm not jackin' around with you, boy!"  Jace quickly raised his hand in the air and shouted (while waving his hand like Horseshack), "I'm not jackin' around, Mommy!"  All I could do was laugh.  He certainly lightened the mood.

2.     Jace is my singer and he loves to sing his Barney songs or certain favorite songs on the radio.  Usually the songs don't really match a nearly four-year-old's life situation, so it's even more comical to hear him sing lovin' and cheatin' songs.  When he sings, Jace often over-emphasizes the wrong words, which makes his sister and me snicker at him.  We try not to let him know we are paying attention or laughing because then he'll stop.  But, we were busted laughing the other day, and he very indignantly asked, "What you laughin'?"  Man, we've really got to work on his grammar.

3.     In "little boy land" in my house, saying "AAAaaacccckkk!" to each other is an incredible insult that will leave the recipient very upset and often in tears.  Regularly, we hear them complain, "Bubba 'aacck' me!"  It's time-consuming to nurse the broken hearts this hurled insult causes.  In our van, Jace sits in the middle row, and the twins sit on opposite sides of the back.  Jace thought he heard one twin hurl an insult like "shhh" or "aacck" at him, and he screamed back, "AAaacck!"  Realizing he could not see the target of his heinous insult, he said, "Baby, tell Bubba 'aaaccckkk'!"  I guess it's the equivalent of me asking you to tell someone else to "F-off".

4.     Jace was eating a piece of candy (I think) when he exclaimed, "I got a BIG one!"  Bragger!

5.  Jace cannot tell his identical twin baby brothers apart (nor can we without effort), so he often resorts to calling them by what they are wearing.  "Nemo, come here!"  or "Mooooommmmyyyyy, the red one hit me!".   The other day, one baby had on stripes and the other had on plaid.  Jace said, "Come on squares, let's go outside!"  Squares knew who he was talking to and promptly followed the leader out the door.


Jace will be four next month.  Four is my favorite age, so I can't wait to see how he forces this blog to grow.  Stay tuned.

(Jace is now almost 10)

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