Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Repost: Twin Tales (More Trash Talk)

Twin Tales:  More Trash Talk


1.        After telling his video game villain “You poop you pants!”, Asa expanded his trash talk to his twin brother.  While playing on the playground before preschool, Asa chided Aiden, “You wear diapers! You wear diapers!”  Taking the high road, Aiden ignored him at first then laughed at him.  I took notes!

2.       If you can imagine, I listen to Bon Jovi CDs a lot while driving when nothing is on the radio.  The twins love “This Ain’t a Love Song” from the These Days. They call it, “I tied and I tied”.  During the song while driving last week, Bon Jovi sang “….this pain that I’m feeling so strong…”.  Asa started his “Mommy” encantation from the back seat.

Asa:  Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy…

Mommy:  What Asa?

Asa:  Why Bon Jobi said his peanuts (penis) so strong?

Oh, if only I knew.  I laughed, then told him more clearly what the lyrics were.

3.       Xbox is a major source of currency in our house.  Only if you have good behavior marks at school are you allowed to have Xbox time.  Jace was way excited to play a new game when we were leaving Game Stop.  Only Aiden was allowed to play with him because Asa didn’t earn the privilege. I told Jace only one baby could play with him, so he exclaimed, “I’m gonna play with my best friend!”

Mommy:  Who’s your best friend Jace? (I’m fishing to see what he’ll say)

Jace:  (Turning to look at one twin) What’s your name, baby?

Aiden answered.

Jace:  Did you stay on green?

Aiden did.

Jace:  Aiden’s my best friend!


4.       We stress honesty in our household.  The twins came downstairs from watching TV telling me “Wow Wow Wubbzy was a story about lying”.  They detailed it to me, and we talked again about honesty.

Right after this, at dinner time, Jerry was teasing Aiden and trying to deliver the so-coined 4-year-old trash talk.  So, Jerry said, “You poop you pants….you wear diapers!”

Aiden gave him a very ugly look and with the tattle-tale tone in his voice said, “Mmmmooooommmmmmyyyyyyy, Daddy’s lying!”

Can dish it out but not take it! J

5.       I took all the children to the dentist yesterday. Gage was trying to quickly complete a homework paper on the way.  Jace looked over his shoulder and saw his name on the paper.  At that time, he exclaimed, in shock, “Hey, you have an F in your name!”

Gage:  “Yeah, so do YOU!”

Jace, with a shocked inspiratory gasp shouted, “How’d YOU know?”

We all cracked up laughing, then we had to explain that they have the same last name because they are brothers.

6.       On the way home today, Asa and Aiden were telling me about someone picking their boogers.  So, we talked about why we shouldn’t pick our boogers and options to avoid picking our boogers. Then they mentioned someone eating their boogers at which point we extended the conversation to include why we should not eat our boogers.  Drawing his own conclusions, Aiden then informed me that “Eating you boogers makes you fart!”


How boring would my life be without them?


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