Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Repost : 6th Anniversary

Original Post:  10/6/06  (Now married 12 years, and yep, the feeling is pretty much the same, if not even stronger)


Today I celebrate my sixth anniversary with my husband, and I'm feeling a little sentimental.  So, bear with me through the sappiness.


Jerry and I met in 1999 just prior to both of us becoming divorced.  In hindsight, we probably began a relationship before either of us was really ready, but at the same time, we came into each other's lives at the perfect time.  Since we were coming out of bad relationships, we each carried our own baggage that had to be worked through.  (Since I don't have all day and that's not what this is about, I'm not going to address those woes here).  Regardless of the amount of suitcases we were carrying, Jerry and I had a special connection.  We each felt like we had finally found what we'd been missing all along. 


It wasn't long before we moved in together.  After that, we went through a spell where, I say, Jerry was being a jerk!  I know he had to unpack some of that baggage.  As my mind was starting to wrap around leaving him, he straightened up.  He figured out what he wanted and proposed.  We were married about 6 weeks after he proposed, about 16 months after we first met.


Our marriage was immediately met by challenges with both of us starting back to school and Jerry's company closing.  On top of idiotic people we are forced to deal with, this led to more conflict.  At certain points, I didn't know if we were going to make it.  We were either going to kill each other or separate.  It was rough.  Although I wish we'd never had to go through that, I must say it taught us both a lot about each other and made us stronger individually and as a couple.


We learned exactly what buttons to push on each other.  We learned personal and relationship boundaries.  We learned how to not treat each other like we did our former spouses.  I guess our saving grace was that we had such a strong love that carried us through all that.  On top of that, we had an intense physical passion for each other.  I think I can speak for Jerry, too, when I say this, but I also had an intense stubbornness which caused me to refuse to fail again!


After about 18 months, everything started turning around.   Now, every day gets better.  Even though we have our fair share of stressors (again, I don't have all day to name those), we approach our lives as teammates.  We complement each other.  When I'm having a bad day, he takes over (and vice versa).  When I need my "girl time", he's right there to let me have it.  When I need to be held, his arms are wide open.  I'm not living in a fantasy world and saying he never makes me angry or I never get on his nerves, but our relationship is pretty darned good!  One of my questions for God is going to be why he didn't send Jerry into my life sooner.


Here comes the sappiness…..Now, I couldn't imagine my life without Jerry.  He is definitely the one person God made for me.  Whereas I didn't have these thoughts before, I imagine myself with him until death do us part.  On top of loving my children, he's given me three beautiful boys of our own.  Jerry and I connect on almost every level, and I have a deep and profound love and respect for him.  He is my world, my everything.


I guess I'd better dry my tears or he's going to call and ask why I'm crying.  I'll close by saying….Jerry, I love you.  I'm glad every day that I'm married to you.  I'm thankful you are in my life.  Happy Anniversary!




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