Friday, February 14, 2014

Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Momma Bear

February 14, 2014

Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Momma Bear

Once upon a time, there were three little pigs.  These little pigs tried to build houses in or around the Momma Bear’s cubs.  The pigs saw how cute and vulnerable her cubs were, and they wanted them!  So, they set their sights and began working.

The first little pig built his house of straw.  He caused coughs and sneezes and a little diarrhea, too.  Momma Bear huffed with some TLC and puffed with Tylenol, Claritin, Advil and Mucinex and she blew that house down!  Momma Bear freed her cubs and they were allowed to play and grow like normal cubs.

The second little pig saw how easily the first pig’s house was blown down, so he tried a little harder.  He built his house of sticks causing a longer-lasting cough and ear infections.  Momma Bear huffed with some TLC and puffed with her usual bravado, but the house wouldn’t budge.  So, Momma Bear had to step up her game.  She huffed and puffed just the same, and she attacked that house with a bat called Amoxicillin.  After a few good swings, the house came tumbling down.  The cubs were free again!

The third little pig was impressed at the Momma Bear’s efforts, but he was determined to win.  He saw both of his brothers fail.  The third little pig built a solid house with a concrete foundation, steel beams, and bricks.  He reinforced it all the way around.  He put an iron fence around the house. He grabbed one of Momma Bear’s cubs and took him in.  The third pig, aka Diabetes, attacked the baby bear’s pancreas causing it to cease insulin production.  In consequence, the baby bear became very thirsty and dehydrated.  He lost weight and began having terrible behavior problems. He was killing the baby bear! Since the third little pig was stealth, it took Momma Bear awhile to notice a house was built. 

When she noticed, Momma Bear huffed with TLC and puffed.  Nothing changed.  Momma Bear drew a bigger breath and tried again, this time calling in reinforcements.  Nothing changed.  On the third big breath, Momma Bear was told Diabetes set in and wasn’t leaving.  His house was strong.  Selfishly, a few months later, the third little pig grabbed a second baby bear. He tried to kill him, too! Clearly, one wasn’t enough!

Momma Bear broke through the iron fence, but she can’t get into the house. Now, Momma Bear doesn’t like not being able to blow ANY house down that impedes her baby bears.  So, she still huffs and puffs.  She swings the bat, but it doesn’t break the exterior.  Momma Bear wields a pick axe and causes little chinks in the bricks, but she can’t break the house down.  She’s tried a jack hammer, bats, hammers, flooding and darts.  The house won’t break.  Momma Bear has been reduced to sadness and tears. The third little pig did such a good job.

Momma Bear sought out other Bears to see if any pigs had built a house around their cubs, and indeed they had.  Many are trying the same tricks Momma Bear is trying to break the house down.  The larger Bear Council (aka JDRF) is trying to devise an attack from the inside in order to free our baby bears.  Together, surely we can break these houses down and free our cubs.  They deserve to live a life again free of pain, shots, insulin, and worry.

In the meantime, this Momma Bear with huff with TLC, and she’ll puff with all the tools she has, and until her dying breath, she’ll try to blow that house down!


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