Monday, March 23, 2015

Mommy Trophy

Mommy Trophy

I don’t think there is a decent parent around who doesn’t question regularly if they are doing the right thing.  I often wonder if I’m being too hard?  Too easy?  Teaching the right lessons?  I wonder what issues will cause them to sit on the therapist’s couch. There are days I want to scream or crack myself over the head with a brick. Diabetes only complicates this already delicate issue.   I guess I have enough self-doubt because I there are no dress rehearsals, and I really want to do thing Mommy thing right!  At times, I get praise from strangers who notice how my children behave in public.  I get feedback from teachers regarding my sons’ good behavior at school.  (I guess they save it all for me).  My hubby reminds me I’m a good Mommy.  Yet, nothing speaks louder to me than the accolades from my kids.

Disclaimer:  I’m know they’re biased and are supposed to love me unconditionally

When my daughter was growing up, she made a poster in Elementary school about her hero.  Me.  So freakin’ cute and touching.

I have two step-children, who I consider mine.  Each of them have written English papers, unsolicited, unexpected about me and my role in their lives.   Parenting is thankless enough; step-parenting is even harder!  Chokes me up. 

At Open House last week, there was a display in the hallway of papers the 4th grade children had written about their heroes.  Some had rock stars.  Some had athletes.  My Asa wrote about me.  Honestly, I couldn’t read it right then and there because I didn’t want to go to work with cry-face.  Asa is my tender-heart.  He’s a lot like I was as a child.  He wants everyone to be happy, all to be fair, and he’s a pleaser.  Asa, like his Mommy, also likes to write.

Since the paper was on display, I don’t think he would mind me sharing:
Paper's cover photo.  "You inspired me to work in a hospital"

10-year-old Asa (I’ll correct some mistakes and clarify as needed)

Do you have a hero? Someone you’d like to follow in their footsteps?  If you don’t, you need one but don’t copy their lifestyle because the world will become plain. To make the world a brighter place you should read this paper.

My mom is always helping others and here are three examples.  First, my mom is a nurse, someone who’s always helping others out. Second, she cares for others and brightens their day. Lastly, she’s always doing what someone else wants to instead of what she wants to do.

She’s always telling the truth and here’s how.  She always tells the truth no matter what. Next, she always stands up for her mistakes no matter how bad they are (not sure what egregious mistakes he means, lol).  Lastly, she’ll always say what she thinks of people.

Lastly, she’s always trying to have a good time.  She’s always trying to have terrific times and memories. Two of her ideas of a good time is relaxing or going out with her friends. Best, she likes to go to the park with my family and me on a nice day.

Now that you know some different ways to be kind, try to help the world be a brighter and happier place like she does.  But, don’t try to copy their lifestyle because everyone has their own way of living.  Now that you know some different ways to be kind, you should spread kindness.


Just when I am convinced I am doing it all wrong, I get little nuggets like this. It puts fuel in my Mommy tank that is often running on fumes.  I sure hope he’s this in love with me when he’s a teenager!

I don’t know about you, but his paper made my world a better place!  Maybe I’m a little sensitive to the issue because I really want to do well at this and raise honest productive members of society.  Maybe I’m super sensitive to what these twins say and do because I treasure each moment, knowing Diabetes could have already taken or could take them from me too soon.  Humbling.

I’ll continue to do my best and enjoy every minute that I can!


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