Friday, February 20, 2015

Three Years Sweet and Strong

Third Diaversary:  Three Years Sweet and Strong
February 20, 2015

I can vividly remember the day (s) all my children were born, and I can tell each of them their birth stories.  I can vividly remember the day our lives were forever changed when the pediatrician called me and said, “You were right.  Get Aiden to the hospital right now!”  It’s Diabetes’ birth story. Even typing it, three years later, I still get chills and tears well up in my eyes. 

Three years ago today, Diabetes officially invaded our lives. I can recall vividly the fear, helplessness, despair, worry, and pain of that day.  It still makes me cry. Although it’s now routine, no two days are the same. … it’s sort of like my job in Labor & Delivery.  Most days are fine; some days are great; some days just plain SUCK!  I’ve learned a tremendous amount over the past three years, and I know I’m light years away from knowing nearly enough.

Three years ago today, we were completely lost and devastated.  In three years, we have had approximately 292 pump site changes, 8760 finger sticks, 1532 insulin shots, one million carbs counted, countless late and long nights, and an infinite amount of skin rashes.  Three years ago, I only knew the basics to keep my son alive.  Through research, reading, information-sharing and sheer trial-and-error, I know enough to teach Aiden to care for himself.  I know enough to give Mr. Diabetes one hell of a fight, but he still sucker punches me now and then and doesn’t play fair. Over this course of time, I have learned enough and am involved enough to be recognized and asked to help others. Three years ago, I would have laughed at you if you told me this is where I would be now.

This disease is crappy.  Each “diaversary”, I cry when he is out of my sight; I die a little inside to be reminded how long we’ve had to deal with this.  But in front of the kid, we’re positive.  We celebrate Aiden’s life with Diabetes. I’m so proud of my Aiden, so proud to be his Mommy, and so proud that I still get to hold my baby every day.  He has grown tremendously physically and emotionally, and he’s on top of his Diabetes care. I set a standard on year One, now a celebration is expected.  So, today we celebrate.  We’re going to celebrate that Aiden has not been re-hospitalized with complications. We’re going to celebrate that he has been so big and brave in accepting his diagnosis. We’re going to celebrate how much we’ve learned.  We’re going to celebrate that it’s not worse (although it could be so much better).  We’re going to celebrate that we live in a day and time where treatment is available and a cure is on the horizon. Aiden easily asks 176 questions per hours, but I am so thankful to be able to hear each and every one, because the alternative sucks!  And, through the tears, we’re going to celebrate that my baby is still alive to live a full life!


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