Sunday, April 6, 2014

Twin Tales (Growing Older)

April 6, 2014

In the past when I blogged, I had two series.  One was "Jace-isms" which chronicled the genius things baby Jace said, and when the twins got older and likewise became so genius, I had a series called "Twin Tales".  I really wish I had been this wise to jot down the clever and funny things my older kids said and did, but I didn't.  We learn from our mistakes.  Now, I keep a running list of the silly and funny things these boys say because they are a constant source of amusement (especially Mr. Asa).  So, this is another edition of Twin Tales.

2/13/2013:  Jace was arguing with Aiden for some unknown asinine reason
Aiden: Oh, yeah, how do you know, Jace!?  You’re only like 2 months older than us!
Jace:  No, I’m not!  (To himself…May, June, July, August, September, October)…..I’m FIVE months older than you! (Never mind the year difference).  I guess I just breed like rabbits!

2/17/2013:  Aiden was being grouchy and disagreeable to whatever I said.
Aiden:  Jace, Will you get my werewolf jacket? (said with an attitude)
Me:  “Will you get my Werewolf jacket, PLEASE?!”

2/18/2013:  Jace, who is incredibly willful, to twin who was refusing to put on his seatbelt,… “Now you’re acting like me!”

3/9/2013:  Asa, “Wow, I’ve NEVER seen a white firetruck!  That’s like, the second time in my life!”

5/1/2013: Anytime a boy gets us alone, they talk incessantly.  While coming home from the doctor, Aiden asked, “How did you get Daddy to marry you?  Did you take him to Six Flags or something?”  (I took him for a ride, apparently)!

7/28/13 Was telling Asa about going to camp and how only boys slept in one cabin.  He said, “Why?  Is it mating season?”

7/29/13  Aiden, talking my ears off, started discussing what he’d like to be when he grows up.  He said, “I’m thinking maybe I can be a doctor, or an animal doctor…or I can just give up on those dreams and be a rock star!"  Way to dream big, son!

2/20/14 Asa:  When Daddy tooted, “There’s a beast in that man!”  (Ok, toot is a huge euphemism. It's more like an explosion!)

Asa:  When adults were laughing in conversation in the kitchen, he laughed right along.  As he giggled he said, “I don’t know why I am laughing but I’m laughing”…very Brick from Anchorman!

Aiden:  “I don’t like spicy foods; they make me gassy!”  As if he needed any help...he is his father's clone!

April 4, 2014
Aiden, squeezing lemon into glass, “Oops.  I just shot my seed in there!”

Sometimes I just have to laugh and walk away.  I can't even respond!

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