Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dreams Come True

This one's not too T1D related, but it sort of is.  And, I can't help but shout it to the world!

I've mentioned my love for Bon Jovi in a past blog (http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=3991210116007822858#editor/target=post;postID=8613411686367354952;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=21;src=postname
  (Sure hope that link really works).

I've been a fan since I was 13.  Love Jon. Richie is a guitar god! Love the music.  It's really dope for my soul.  It's upbeat when I'm feeling good and calming when I'm feeling stressed.  It motivates me in the gym and when I run 5Ks.  I've never run without Jon singing in my ears. 

Ok, brief story.  In all the concerts I've attended, I've wondered how people got so close.  I was never lucky enough to have an accidental run-in with any of the band members.  After finding my awesome Bon Jovi buddy and joining the Fan Club, I've gotten closer by degrees each time since about 2008.  My dream:  Get a photo with Jon Bon Jovi and tell him what Bon Jovi has meant in my life.

I've gotten pretty close with our fan club seats and backstage tours.  In one group, I was the only one who missed shaking Jon's hand backstage (that's another story).  Up close on stage, I've narrowly missed Jon although I did get to shake Tico Torres' and Richie Sambora's hand once!

In Austin, I got to shake Jon's hand outside the Circle (part of the stage).  I swear he made eye contact and had a prolonged handshake with my friend Gennie.  In Dallas, I was inside the Circle.  I held a little boy up so HE could shake Jon's hand, which meant I missed my chance.  That was ok.  That little boy had a wonderful moment, and it was up on the Jumbotron!  :)  I got lucky, Jon came back around and I indeed got to shake his hand after all.  Getting closer to my dream, closer by degrees.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I stumbled into the band in hotel bar and got to hang out with two band members and Jon's brother.  That was WICKED cool!  We're not crazy.  We didn't press for secret information.  We just hung out and talked like normal folks.  They thought we were totally cool...and we are! :)
Gennie and me hanging with keyboardist David Bryan after the Dallas concert
Gennie and I jetted to Las Vegas on April 18 for an organized Fan Club trip.  This was yet again something I've been dying to do, but the timing and/or $ never seemed to pan out.  I told people I was going to Vegas, but I kept my clam shut about this:

Yep, that's the real Jon Bon Jovi with his arm around me!

I was a brief photo op, but it felt so good to stand next to him, say hello, and "smile for the cameras"!  I didn't get to say what I'd wanted because of the hurried situation (photos for 200 folks takes a lot of time), but it was wonderful nonetheless!

And, here's the kicker.  When I'm at Bon Jovi, I don't think about Diabetes.  For those couple of hours, my mind is immersed in the music, the crowd, the entire experience.  It's a much needed dope injection for my soul! 

It's all made possible by having a cool like-minded and fun Bon Jovi buddy, and it's all made possible by having the coolest husband alive who takes over so I can "breathe" and recharge.  A husband who is secure enough to know that I loves me some JBJ, but he is the only man for me and the one I'm coming home to!

*squealing like a school girl*,


  1. Not to the same degree of course, but kind of like when I got all my pics with my beloved New Kids on The Block last year.....Dreams do come true!

  2. That is the coolest thing ever...You should get some kind of Bon Jovi fan award.

  3. Too funny! So glad you got to do this... So nice to forget about diabetes for just a little bit.

  4. Hey that's a pretty cool story, and I can so relate in having a huge dream come true. For me, it was with the band Little Texas. So hats off to you girl, there is no words we can say to describe how cool it was to have that happen. I met Little Texas 5 times and the people just go into awe when they recognize me all night.